Harmony between the East and Italy: elegance and sustainability meet. Ancient bamboo creates ecological, robust, and beautiful floors.

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Bamboo is a symbol of flexibility and strength in Eastern culture, and Floorbamboo brings this ancient wisdom to our modern flooring solutions. With high-quality material directly from renowned Chinese regions, we offer innovative, beautiful, and durable floors for future environments.

For us, quality starts with the raw material. We carefully select bamboo from fertile land and humid climates. We use only lush culms of 5/6 years, with strong and compact stems, to create high-quality, durable, and eco-friendly floors.

Floorbamboo combines Eastern philosophy and Italian design in eco-sustainable, durable, and beautiful floors. Just walk on it to feel the quality and beauty. Discover a range of finishes that will transport you to the essence of this ancient Eastern plant.

Floorbamboo merges Eastern philosophy and Italian design in an eco-sustainable project. Our material, known as 'nature's steel,' symbolizes flexibility, strength, and environmental sustainability, contributing to the balance of the atmosphere while offering extraordinary flooring.

Our pre-finished floors adapt to any environment, ensuring quality and easy installation. Our attention to detail, such as the double and triple-layer structure of cross-linked bamboo, precise locking, and finishing treatments, ensures stability and lasting beauty.

Floorbamboo offers a range of bamboo floors with premium shades and finishes to suit every interior design style, always following the latest trends.

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