Choose SPC floors to combine innovation, beauty, and practicality with their scratch and stain-resistant protective layer.

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Why Choose Stilnovo

SPC floors combine modernity, versatility, and superior performance with their innovative layers, offering protection against scratches and stains, aesthetic customization, stability, sound insulation, and comfort.

Easy installation on any surface, easy cleaning, complete waterproofing - perfect for any environment. The superior performance of this product surpasses wood and ceramics.

Discover the exceptional features of our SPC floors: 100% waterproof, free of harmful substances, stable, easy to install, heat-resistant, slip-resistant, sound-insulating, comfortable, fire-resistant, scratch and stain-resistant, low maintenance, suitable for installations on existing floors, antibacterial, wear-resistant, with excellent long-term durability and supplied with an integrated underlay.

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